Welcome to First Bitcoin Capital Corp.

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We are the first vertically integrated consolidator in the Bitcoin and crypto-currency arena.
First Bitcoin Capital Corp. recognized the need to create a vertically- integrated entity that will house different crypto-currency technologies and companies under one umbrella.

The company plans to mine a number of crypto currencies, including Bitcoin and others and provide services to other business that plan to integrate, or are already using Bitcoin in their daily operations.

The company will develop its own unique technology based on Bitcoin protocol with a special emphasis on expanding colored coins, a concept designed to be used with the Bitcoin protocol, where the user can attach specific attributes to the coin and use it to represent any digital or physical property, such as house, a car, stocks or bonds or healthcare related information.

Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency that allows consumers to electronically exchange Bitcoin, or units of value, for a service or product anywhere in the world with no or minimal fees. Users can then exchange Bitcoins for other currencies by using a wallet service provider, which is simple to set up.

Bitcoin is secured by cryptography making it almost impossible for hackers to access a user’s wallet and their Bitcoins.

The digital currency isn’t backed by any government entity, instead transactions are tracked and verified by a transparent online community. Bitcoins are subject to value fluctuations, which are based on what people are willing to pay for it at any given time.

Released in 2009, the digital currency has exploded in popularity and now more and more businesses as well as consumers are embracing this new and easy-to-use form of payment.

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