TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / March, 19, 2018 / First Bitcoin Capital Corp (OTCMarkets:BITCF), a prolific generator of more than 100 unique cryptocurrencies sets the record after repeated inaccuracies reported by the Motley Fool.

Motley Fools headline: These Bitcoin Stocks Have Virtually Nothing to Do With Bitcoin does not accurately apply to First Bitcoin Capital Corp in so much as more than 100 of the unique cryptocurrencies generated by BITCF are dependent on the Bitcoin Blockchain for their very existence. In addition to utilizing the Bitcoin Blockchain to generate each new coin thereon, every subsequent transfer utilizes this very BlockChain to move coins from one wallet to the next.

Some of these coins include:












Another inaccurate statement made by Motley Fool is that the company has changed in name, business model and jurisdiction more 5 times in the last 13 years. It is significant to note that while First Bitcoins history before entering the cryptocurrency world was not sterling as a junior mining concern, it did suffer an SEC suspension, that it was more than 5 years ago that BITCF publicly announced its new direction after changing its symbol to BITC in 2013 and officially changed its name with British Colombia in January 2014. From the day First Bitcoin was incorporated in Canada on February 6 2006 as Grand Pacaraima Gold Corp it has not successfully changed country of incorporation and its only completed name change was to First Bitcoin Capital Corp. In addition to being the first public company to have the foresight to dive into this space headfirst, First Bitcoin has been extremely active, and obviously not a mere move to appropriate a name to gain unwarranted stock valuation.

Another error in the Motely Fools analysis is the assumption that the SEC suspended the payment of a cryptocurrency dividend. The fact is that the markets were not ready for such a revolutionary dividend, but the dividend ,Tesla Coil Coin (COIN:TESLA) has been placed in a separate wallet for future distribution while the company develops a better cryptocurrency dividend system and DTCC catches up with this technology.

The company has taken many steps to overcome the stigma associated with the concerns related to its past, including hiring a PCAOB auditor and top law firms. BITCF has also publicly demonstrated ownership of its 4 major wallets. BITCF has developed its own unique BlockChain which includes cryptocurrency BIT . More information about BIT can be found on

First Bitcoin Capitals CEO, Greg Rubin stated that, The Companys move into the cryptocurrency space arose from our desire to increase shareholders value based on our management experience to identify future technological trends and opportunities – as all public companies should strive to achieve. And before that management has (not) been chasing the latest hot trend or the most attractive tax opportunity rather than focusing on truly profitable long-term ventures. As a result of our decision to utilize the Bitcoin Blockchain as an integral part of our business plan and underlying technology, the company went from a typical mining concessions microcap company to a profitable crypto business. In 2016, we sold the last remnant of our mining past, a Venezuela mining concession for a large block of Kilocoin (COIN: KLC), one of the oldest decentralized mineable coins, turning us into a pure cryptocurrency, BlockChain company. We have managed to achieve this on a very small budget, nearly debt free and without the need to issue shares for capital.

About First Bitcoin Capital Corp

First Bitcoin Capital Corp (OTCMARKETS: BITCF) (NASDAQOTH: BITCF) (COIN: BITCF) began developing digital currencies, proprietary Blockchain technologies, and the digital currency exchange – (in Beta) in early 2014. We saw this step as a tremendous opportunity to create further shareholder value by leveraging management’s experience in developing and managing complex Blockchain technologies and in developing new types of digital assets. Being the first publicly-traded cryptocurrency and BlockChain-centered Company, we provide our shareholders with diversified exposure to digital cryptocurrencies and BlockChain technologies.

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